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Failing to unrar splitted archive



I've taken a large file (about 200 mb) and rarred it into 27 seperate rar files for testing purposes.

I simply took the code from the website (example number 2) and tried running it.

It gets all the rar files from the GetPartStreams() method and passes them to the RarArchive.

The first rar file writes to the output file so that I get an output file of about 5,5 mb. But the next file in the iteration fails because entry.WriteTo() throws "Index was out of bounds of array". I'm guessing there is something wrong with an offset to write to the file?

Thanks in advance!


adamhathcock wrote May 2, 2013 at 4:07 PM

Try SharpCompress and if it's still a problem, put an issue there. Thanks.